What are your enemies of learning and what do they cost you?

Mar 21, 2022

Be open to explore conversations that were not present before and with that new possibilities will surface as a learner. First, I like to explore here some of the enemies of learning including the Inability to admit “I don't Know “, exclusion emotion from learning, self-doubts, unable to give permission to others to teach, and inability to wonder and play. These are roadblocks believe systems or positions require coaching to activate self-awareness and allow them to be processed for a new set of actions to activate new possibilities and expected results. We are always learning through observation through all our senses, and through emotional blueprint roadmap life experiences.

Until we gather the courage to admit “I don’t know” without further assessments of ourselves and we embark into a path of authenticity and courage actions a new learning does not surface. Children learn faster as they don’t adopt this resistance to learn and thus, they learn faster.

Overcoming fears of judgements when knowledge in our societies is perceived as being powerful and, in some instances, give individuals status, will open the path to learning how to learn. Likewise, an individual can find roadblocks to learning when they exclude being emotional vulnerable to trust the process of learning and become vulnerable and present to learn that what they have known in the past is not quite true or factual and be open to learn a new way and adapt to a new set of actions that may lead them to better results.

It’s like riding a mountain bike vs a recreational bike. The approach and process may look familiar, but they are not the same and the action to ride a recreational bike cannot be applied to ride a bike in the mountain. Same goes for “self-doubt” that can arrives with individuals who are not sure they can learn new tricks and through assessments or opinions of others they enter a space of self-doubt and lack of confidence. These are enemies of learning and prevent individuals from going after their passion and purpose.
 When individuals are unable to give permission to others to teach, the opportunity to learn is lost. This is sometimes rooted on an overconfident attitude that we don’t need to learn as we already know and perhaps a rooted fear to be proven wrong. Just like the old proverb says ”When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears"; These self-defeating behaviors prevent us from learning and achieving new goals.

One of the most prevailing behavioral and belief systems that prevent us from learning is our inability to wonder and play. Individuals fears other judgments and their own internal voices that assess and prevent the ability to be creative and to embrace the child like ability to wonder, play, fall, get up and get going with questions such as imagine if and create through stories and powerful narrative scenarios of possibilities and desire results. We are not too old to learn and be creative, inventive, but more important courageous to embrace our passion and purpose.

 Individuals are passing out on promotions and new career opportunities, and many C level leaders are missing to take their organizations through business and technology transformations, embark on innovation or simply leading corporate growth strategies to take their workforce to align to their vision, yet they neglect to dive into their enemies of learning and with that, they miss great opportunities, and the cost is high.
 In becoming a strong mindful and emotional intelligent leader in your community, family, corporate world and or government and to assist in being present with your own enemies of learning, I invite you to explore a sacred space and trusting relationship with a coach or a mentor who can help you activate your self-awareness, build higher levels of consciousness , and guide and support your development to deliver higher purpose value propositions. Successful leaders embarking in new business ventures, launching business and technology transformation strategic programs, leading government and community programs must identify what gets in their way of learning, and become present with those roadblocks to always learn and become stronger leaders.
 Do you identify yourself with any of these enemies of learning, and do you find that holding you back for achieving higher levels of success?

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