Standard Coaching Programs

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Virtual or Face to Face Coaching Sessions Available  

Basic Career & Job Search 

2 Months. $600

Program is Personalized After Discovery Call 


  • Find a new job & Explore future career options

  • Review brand statement and value proposition

  • Resume and LinkedIn review/feedback 

  • Design Job Search Strategy Plan

  • Improve Improve networking skills

  • Create a healthier work-life balance

  • Conduct simulated interviews and feedback

  • Create leadership plan development

Basic Personal & Life Coaching  

3 Months. $750

Program is Personalized After Discovery Call 

Building solid healthy Personal & Business Relationships

Create personal Mindfulness presence through practices: Radical acceptance, Burning Contracts, Powerful Kindness to self and others. 

 Shift your emotions/moods to create breakthroughs

Become a better Observer and present in relationships

Work through limiting belief system

Mindfulness practices: Radical acceptance, Emotional Burning contracts

Growth Mindset coaching

Personal & Professional Leadership   

6 Months. $1500

Program is Personalized After Discovery Call 

  • Leadership assessment and Leadership Presence development plan

  • Improve leadership skills by understanding your mindset and behaviors

  • Learn to shift your Moods and Emotions, and that of others

  • Become a better Observer and build congruency : Facts vs. Opinions

  • Create higher level of workforce and team engagement and commitment 

  • Develop higher level of Emotional Intelligence 

  • Lead through crisis with higher level of Empathy, Kindness and Focus 

  • Take teams where they never been before and will not go without you !

  • Effectively hire, retain, and develop. Motivate and leverage diversity

  • Lead to embrace innovation, manager risk and identify opportunities

  • Showcase your leadership strengths and prepare for promotions. 

Business Growth  & Professional Leadership  

6 Months. $3000

Program is Personalized After Discovery Call 


  • Create Vision, Mission and SMART Goals 

  • Leadership Presence program

  • Become a Better Observer of Yourself for Effective Actions and Results

  • What do you stand for ? Passion and Purpose ( Why)

  • Enemies of Leaning and the new Emerging Leader-BEL and OAR 

  • Creating organization higher level of commitment and engagement 

  • Two  individual leadership assessments:  MBTI and IDP.

  • Growth Mindset to create breakthrough and address limiting beliefs

  • Create clear Conditions of Satisfaction (COS) and improve organization performance

  • Become a better team coach  

  • Career Management and Planning

Executive Level Coaching   

12 Months. $6000

Custom Executive Leadership Program 

  • Executive Level Custom Coaching Program to create long lasting sustained transformations and Leadership development 

  • This program focused on C and C-1 leaders to work on challenges like: 

    • Organization Business and Technology transformation

    • Corporate Expansion Program, M&M and Divestiture 

    • Workforce lack of commitment and engagement to support growth

    • Ineffective Organization and leadership development plans

    • Cross functional group relationship trust and collaboration issues

  •  This program is a custom coaching  program and may include: 

    • Leadership Development and career plans

    • Becoming a better observer of yourself and others

    • Learn to shift your mood and emotions, and those of your organization

Group Coaching Program 

1-2 Days $2500 -- $5000


  • This program can be customized to include:

    • Leadership Presence & Becoming a Better Observer ) BEL Model

    • Team Trust and relationship building

    • Workforce engagement and commitment to organization growth

    • Collaboration and team work

    • Strategic planning and goal alignment

  •  2 Days  - 8 Hours Kick off, Workshop & Exercises, Wrap up:

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