Standard Coaching Programs

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Virtual or Face to Face Coaching Sessions Available  

Basic Career & Job Search 


Program is Personalized After Discovery Call 


  • Find a new job & Explore future career options

  • Review brand statement and value proposition

  • Resume and LinkedIn review/feedback 

  • Design Job Search Strategy Plan

  • Improve Improve networking skills

  • Create a healthier work-life balance

  • Conduct simulated interviews and feedback

  • Create leadership plan development

Basic Personal & Life Coaching  


Program is Personalized After Discovery Call 

Building solid healthy Personal & Business Relationships

Create personal Mindfulness presence through practices: Radical acceptance, Burning Contracts, Powerful Kindness to self and others. 

 Shift your emotions/moods to create breakthroughs

Become a better Observer and present in relationships

Work through limiting belief system

Mindfulness practices: Radical acceptance, Emotional Burning contracts

Growth Mindset coaching

Work Life Balance 


Program is Personalized After Discovery Call 

Learn to shift from circumstantial stress and anxiety into radical acceptance. In this coaching program you co-design practices to shift your mood and emotions, and the mood and emotions of others.


You will explore Mindfulness as a vehicle to be present with what is important and what is not to ensure the past is not rubbing you from being present with the now. Join me to co design a personalized coaching program to create the future you want for you and those you love.


2021 : Invest in you or someone you love!


Feel Think and Act !!! 

Personal & Professional Leadership   


Program is Personalized After Discovery Call 

  • Leadership assessment and Leadership Presence development plan

  • Improve leadership skills by understanding your mindset and behaviors

  • Learn to shift your Moods and Emotions, and that of others

  • Become a better Observer and build congruency : Facts vs. Opinions

  • Create higher level of workforce and team engagement and commitment 

  • Develop higher level of Emotional Intelligence 

  • Lead through crisis with higher level of Empathy, Kindness and Focus 

  • Take teams where they never been before and will not go without you !

  • Effectively hire, retain, and develop. Motivate and leverage diversity

  • Lead to embrace innovation, manager risk and identify opportunities

  • Showcase your leadership strengths and prepare for promotions. 

Business Growth  & Professional Leadership  


Program is Personalized After Discovery Call 

  • Create Vision, Mission and SMART Goals 

  • Leadership Presence program

  • Become a Better Observer of Yourself for Effective Actions and Results

  • What do you stand for ? Passion and Purpose ( Why)

  • Enemies of Leaning and the new Emerging Leader-BEL and OAR 

  • Creating organization higher level of commitment and engagement 

  • Two  individual leadership assessments:  MBTI and IDP.

  • Growth Mindset to create breakthrough and address limiting beliefs

  • Create clear Conditions of Satisfaction (COS) and improve organization performance

  • Become a better team coach  

  • Career Management and Planning

team leader woman_600xLeadership must de

2021 Group Coaching Program 

1-2 Days $2500 -- $5000


  • This program can be customized to include:

    • Leadership Presence & Becoming a Better Observer ) BEL Model

    • Team Trust and relationship building

    • Workforce engagement and commitment to organization growth

    • Collaboration and team work

    • Strategic planning and goal alignment

  •  2 Days  - 8 Hours Kick off, Workshop & Exercises, Wrap up: