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Mindfulness Custom Program   


Coaching Program Includes Modules like:


  • Introduction to Mindfulness 

  • Become Better Observers and Witness Awareness

  • Stress /Anxiety Regulation and Management

  • Radical Acceptance Model

  • Guided Mediation Practices

  • Shift your Emotions and Moods & The Mood/Emotions of others (BEL Model)

  • Presence & Stillness Moments 

  • Expected Benefits:

Expected Benefits:

  • Enjoy the gift of Life and Fun 

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety with consistent practices

  • Shift your Emotions/Moods

  • Increase presence and focus on what is important  

  • Development mindfulness presence 

  • Embrace Your Passion and Purpose 

  • Learn how to reach moments of Stillness and Peace/Relaxation